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Register on this web app and purchase SMS so you can create any number of contact groups and templates, and so send text messages across different networks. With real time delivery, an open rate of 98% and speedy response time, there is no other method of mass communication that has the potential to reach every sector of the population.


APIs provide turnkey solutions that are increasingly being adopted by companies, enabling A2P SMS to automate the process of sending a text message from your chosen application to your desired audience.

We automate delivery of critical information instantly, freeing up your human resources - reducing operational costs, increasing efficiency and improving your cash flow.


To utilise the exceptional reliability of SMS and receive messages via your registered hub, you will need a dedicated or shared short code. This is your business's premium 4-digit number which replaces a telephone number.

The applications are myriad and have traditionally been used for qualified data collection to inform your corporate decision making (e.g. Smart surveys, enquiries, requests); providing you with revenue streams (e.g. text and win competitions, interactive voting).


With our SMS Retriever API, you can add extra layers of security with instant SMS-based user verification codes. Multi-factor authentication is useful when more than one identity check is conducted via different channels. For instance, to enter your password, and receive a randomly generated authentication code straight to your phone.

Online bank services, email verification and VOIP providers utilise this feature, so you're sent a "one-time" code to increase security.


APIs are the beating heart of Alchemy, enabling connections and integrations with telecoms, applications, PBX systems, CRM's and software and are the reason why disruptive business models such as Uber and Airbnb work seamlessly. In short, we allow all your existing tech to work together for you, with little effort on your part. Our services make this possible for You.

Alchemy's library allows for a bespoke approach, connecting programs written in one language to use a library written in another. Remote APIs allow developers to manipulate remote resources through protocols and specific standards for communication that allow different technologies to work together, regardless of coding language or platform. Web APIs are the defined interfaces through which interactions happen between an enterprise and applications that use its assets, this is an architectural approach that revolves around providing a program interface to a set of services to different applications serving different types of consumers.


Network/Systems Modernisation Services; Alchemy’s Professional Services supports service providers and enterprises in their quest to evolve and transform their communications networks and systems from legacy environments to secure IP and cloud-based architectures running on the latest technology and software releases. With unparalleled experience and a track record of success, Alchemy applies proven repeatable processes, proprietary purpose built tools, and rigorous project governance to minimise risk, prevent service interruptions and to deliver on-time and with the highest quality.

Whether upgrading existing networks to new feature-rich software, replacing outdated platforms with virtualised technologies, or embarking on a complex Fixed Network Transformation or Mobile Network Evolution project, the country’s largest service providers and enterprise customers have entrusted Alchemy to bring their real time communication networks into the next generation.

With a global team of experienced service professionals who understand how to help you reach your goals for real time and cloud-based communications, SIP session management and an API Economy experience for your subscribers, Alchemy offers both skills and deliverable based consulting services to help you maximise your network investments. Whether you need help planning and designing your network, defining best practices, securing, or operating your real time communications network, Alchemy’s experienced team can be your trusted partner.


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is one of the cheapest forms of communication (Whatsapp!!) its main function is to support multiple connections between internet enabled devices. It is at the pinnacle of unified communications. With our services you can add traditional analogue and digital ISDN phone lines.

Because of this more businesses than ever are adopting Voice over IP.


Alchemy’s IP PBX solution makes your internal communication simple and cost effective. It allows for you to communicate instantaneously with your team, whether they're in the same building, on the road, or a different continent.

We reduce your costs by providing you On Net connectivity and appreciate that enterprises need the freedom to communicate with clients on a variety of platforms without worrying about added expense. You have one number and therefore one bill for all of your business communications - for your entire team.

VoIP offers seamless integration for your business. For example, switching between a call from one device to another can be done effortlessly. Real-time video allows meetings with clients and colleagues across continents, instant messaging and can be connected to your other forms of communication.


When you choose one of Alchemy’s VoIP Contact Centre systems, you will enjoy the benefits of fully integrated cloud-based AI, with zero capital outlay.

That means phone calls can be dealt with by auto-attendants (IVR), re-routed to an extension, a queue or to an attendant, to maximise the efficiency of your busy employees. Cloud-based AI will also be able to analyse and collect data about phone calls and interactions with clients. This data is invaluable when it comes to maximising productivity and knowing how to make improvements.